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Amazon Rainforest- Did You Know?

Did you know the Amazon Rainforest is home to one in ten species on Earth, including the jaguar? These forests are important to biodiversity and key jaguar habitats which is why the fires of 2019 were so hard to witness.

The Brazilian Pantanal is a critical wild cat habitat and has the world's largest density of jaguars. Unfortunately this one area alone lost at least 39,000 hectares to the fires. Over 769,000 hectares burned down causing at least 500 adult jaguars to be homeless or dead. Fires destroy critical habitats, and fragment forests reducing connectivity between habitats where animals need to live in order to thrive. The fires in the Amazon not only displaced jaguars but they also made it harder for them to find prey and cause an increase in conflict with other jaguars. These fires were caused by humans, meaning humans also have the power to stop it from happening. We have the ability to ensure the jaguar continues to have a place on this planet.

Celebrate World Jaguar Day April 10th!

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