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April Fools- Did You Know?

Did you know:

That jaguars can hold their breath underwear for 1 hour? April Fools! It is unknown how long jaguars can hold their breath underwear for but it is a decent amount of time. They can also eat while being submerged underwater.

Male jaguars are the ones that are pregnant and care for the cubs? April Fools! Female jaguars will have a gestation period of 14 weeks and will give birth to a litter of one to four cubs. The cubs will stay with their mom for around 2 years. 

That jaguars go fishing? This one is actually true! Jaguars will either place the tip of the tail in the water and move it around or wave their tail over the water to trick fish into thinking their tail is food. 

That jaguars see in 2-D? April Fools! Jaguars, like all big cats, see in 3-D which helps them gauge distances when jumping. Jaguars can jump around 19 feet.

In some religions and cultures the jaguar is a God? April Fools! Jaguars were worshiped as Gods, but they were not a God. Many South American cultures believed these cats were the ruler of the Underworld. They saw the jaguar as a representation of power, ferocity, and valor. 

 Celebrate World Jaguar Day on April 10th!

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