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Jaguar Hearing- Did You Know?

Did you know that jaguars, like all cats, have 36 muscles controlling the ear which allows them to rotate their ears 180 degrees? Humans only have three muscles in the ear. Jaguars have a keen sense of hearing that helps them hunt prey. They can detect a wide range of frequencies, including higher-pitched sounds that humans and dogs can't even hear.

Did you know jaguars cannot purr? Instead they can roar. They are also the only feline in North, Central and South America that can roar. The jaguar, lion, tiger, and leopard can all roar because the epihyal bone in the voice box is replaced by a ligament. The ligament can be stretched creating a larger sound coming from the voice box and a wider range of pitch. Male roars tend to sound more like a bark followed by a growl, while a female roar sounds more like a coughing roar.

Celebrate World Jaguar Day on April 10th!

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