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Jaguar Project- Did You Know?

Did you know here at S.P.E.C.I.E.S. we have a Chaco Jaguar Conservation Project? This project was created in 2008 and is the first and only program committed to the long-term conservation of jaguars across the Gran Chaco, in South America. The Gran Chaco has some of the highest levels of medium-large terrestrial mammals and diversity in the western hemisphere. The project focuses on human-jaguar conflict, as this is the greatest threat to jaguars across the region. Deforestation is accelerating and exacerbating the loss of jaguars. Development, new roads, and illegal hunting of prey are also hurting the jaguar population. The project also focuses on jaguar monitoring and the distribution and status of jaguars. We also want to engage the general public on jaguar conservation issues and promote public education about jaguar conservation.

Visit our website to learn more about the Chaco Jaguar Conservation Project and learn how you can get involved:

Celebrate World Jaguar Day on April 10th!

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