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Jaguar's Coat- Did You Know?

Did you know their is such a thing as an albino jaguar? Jaguars normally have a yellow to orange coat with dark circular markings called rosettes. Some rosettes have a spot in the middle, which is one helpful way to tell jaguars apart from leopards since leopards do not have the spots in the middle of their rosettes. About 6% of jaguars can be melanistic which means they have all black fur, but you can still see their rosettes when the light hits their fur just right. Sometimes they are called black panthers but they are still jaguars just with a genetic color mutation. Albino, or all white, jaguars also exist but they are much more rare and less common than black jaguars. Their yellow to orange coat helps them blend into their environment, to help them hide and hunt.

Celebrate World Jaguar Day on April 10th!

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