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Poaching Conflicts- Did You Know?

Did you know poaching and illegal trafficking is another major reason for the decreasing jaguar population? Jaguars are killed for their furs and body parts. Their coats are used for rugs and clothing, while their body parts are believed to cure certain ailments. There are laws and regulations to protect jaguars and try and end the trafficking of their parts. Jaguars are illegally trafficked because some people believe they will make good pets. Jaguars are wild animals and are not trainable or can be tamed like a dog. Their reaction to certain events are unknown and it could to a dangerous situation. They also eat more than some people realize or can afford. Jaguars need around 20 to 30 square miles of habitat, not the size of a house. Jaguars also need enrichment items that their natural habitat offers. For example, they need water to swim in and trees to climb and scratch. It is best to have jaguars in the wild and visit them on trips or at accredited zoos and sanctuaries.

Celebrate World Jaguar Day on April 10th!

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