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Tricky Spots- Did You Know?

Did you know leopards and jaguars get confused? Jaguars and leopards look very similar to each other and sometimes get mixed up. Even though

the jaguar is found mainly in Central and South America, while the leopard is found in Africa and Asia. They both have rosettes on their coat, however, jaguars have spots inside their rosettes. They can also both have melanistic fur, or black fur. Jaguars are more stockier and muscular and can weigh between 100 to 250 pounds, while the more slender and longer leopards weigh between 66 to 176 pounds. This size difference helps explains why the jaguar is more likely to defend their food, while a leopard is more willing to run away. The jaguar is the apex predator in their range, that may run into a puma where on average the jaguar is bigger. Pumas weigh between 65 and 150 pounds. In Africa the leopard competes with lions, who weigh between 265 and 420 pounds. While in Asia the leopard competes with the tiger, who weighs between 140 and 700 pounds. Jaguars have a more round face and head, while leopards have a small angular head. Jaguars have shorter tails than leopards. Leopards can run faster than jaguars, but jaguars are stronger. Lastly both of these cats are endangered.

Celebrate World Jaguar Day April 10th!

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