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Jaguars are top predators, so their populations are an important indicator of the overall health of their environment. They are one of the most iconic species on exhibit at Happy Hollow Park & Zoo. Our job is to provide the best possible care for the animals while creating a culture in our community that understands and embraces wildlife conservation.  On Saturday, April 6 Happy Hollow's Jaguar Day will empower guests to learn, discover and actively contribute to wild jaguar conservation and research.


Jaguars represent a unique evolutionary lineage of big cats, the long, adaptable history of which best illustrates their determination to survive.  Today only people threaten that adaptability.  Wherever they persist, the ecological needs of jaguar populations are often the least common denominator on the landscape due to the vast areas they need to live.  To protect them, we need to think innovatively about how we can protect, connect, and restore the landscapes that support them and us, and all biodiversity across the Neotropics.

- S.P.E.C.I.E.S

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